Copy Spotting: Southwest Airlines

A few weeks ago, I found myself staring at some pretty clever copy at 6 a.m while boarding my flight to Omaha.  Covering the walls of ABIA was Southwest Airline’s  latest Transfarency campaign which strategically highlights the company’s  lack of passenger fees compared to other airlines. The campaign got off the ground last October and was created by Austin’s very own GSD&M.  The campaign was attention-grabbing, even in the early morning hours after a pat down from TSA, so I’d say it’s pretty brilliant.

Check out some of Southwest’s ads that I saw:


 It’s crystal clear; Southwest has nothing to hide, and they want you to get an airline ticket at a reasonable price. Congrats to whoever’s idea it was to combine fare + transparency to create a new word and nail the messaging here. As a fellow Copywriter, I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t think of this one.


Instead of ‘Ready, Set, Go’ someone smart decided to add ‘Monte’ in front of the word ‘go’ to spell Montego as in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Yeah, mon!  I’m packing my bags.


What’s in a name? Well, apparently, a good joke if your company’s loyalty program is better than the competition’s.  For customers, JetBlue’s loyalty program TrueBlue feels like the blues compared to Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program. Ha! Southwest also thinks the American Airlines rewards program AAdvantage will feel like a complete disadvantage to customers. LOL. This one made me chuckle, which is good because there was absolutely nothing else entertaining about an early morning flight.


Yes, you can go to Cancun if you fly Southwest! That’s the message here. This poster is similar to the Montego one above. Again, someone at GSD&M with a great sense of humor thought it would be fun to get you excited about going to Cancun, Mexico by modifying a popular phrase.

I’ll admit, I looked up flights to both destinations after seeing these great ads. Do you think drinks on those flights come with  tiny umbrellas? Because that would be cool.

Have you spotted any good copy lately? Email it to me at or tweet me @dollarsaenz86.


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