I am a unique blend of Marketing Copywriter, UX Wordsmith, and Content Strategist. Through creative alchemy, I turn ambiguous messages into solid gold. Words of gold tell a compelling story, provide a seamless user experience, and most importantly convert. Please take a look at my portfolio and resume and let me know how I can help your organization.

Witty, personable and spirited are just a few of the words I would use to describe Sam’s writing style. Not only is she a talented advertising copywriter, but she also has the SEO knowledge to create astounding web content that produces real results. She has worked within several content management platforms and has some HTML knowledge, making her capable of publishing with little to no assistance. She is a hard-working and determined self-starter. Her ideas and content strategy are fresh and engaging. Often, I would work directly with Sam when I needed content for the Golfsmith website and blog, and it was always a fantastic experience. Her positive, sparkling attitude made her a wonderful addition to the creative team. On a personal level, her spunky and adventurous nature helped boost my morale in the workplace. If you are looking for an awesome addition to your team, look no further than Sam Saenz. You’ll be treated to some phenomenal content creation and a highly enjoyable work colleague


Sam is the rare combination of writer who knows branding and social. Plus she understands how to use both to generate sales. More importantly, she’s got a great attitude and is hungry to do more great work.

Brian Thompson (Former Creative Director at Golfsmith International)