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Cash Back Offer Email Rewrite & Design

The Ask: Rewrite and design Cash Back Offer emails to provide the user with a better experience and reduce customer service inquiries.

The Strategy: Set user expectations by showing the three steps in the cash back process. Be explicit in telling users exactly what step they’re on and what they can expect next. Also, change the copy to be more fun and engaging. Differentiate the subject lines so they are easier to differentiate from regular marketing emails.

The Creative: A series of 3 emails.

Email 1: Activation 

The goal of this email is to inform the user that they have activated a Cash Back Offer, tell them what that means, and what they can expect next.

Subject Line: You’ve activated a [$xx.xx] Cash Back Offer at [Merchant]

Email 2: Purchase confirmation

The goal of this email is to inform the user that they have made a purchase and we are verifying it to make sure it qualifies for a cash back reward.

Subject Line: [Merchant] let us know you made a [$xx] purchase

Email 3: Reward approved

The goal of this email is to inform the user that their purchase met all of the cash back offer requirements and they have received a cash back reward in their RetailMeNot wallet.

Subject Line: A [$xx.xx] reward is now in your RetailMeNot Wallet!

Mobile Web


Purchase confirmation:

Reward approved:

Results: Within a few weeks of implementation in January, customer service inquiries related to Cash Back Offers dropped by 22%, followed by a two-week period from the end of February to early March, where inquiries reduced by a whopping 41%. Currently, customer service inquiries are still down by 26%.

Genie Onsite Promotion 

The Ask: After a usability study, I was tasked with implementing user feedback to make the homepage banner, sticky banner, and Landing page copy more clear and compelling.

The Strategy: Introduce users to the new RetailMeNot genie plug-in and emphasize that genie does the work for you.

The Deliverable:



Genie Landing Page

Results: Within 48-hours of implementation, my team saw a 160% increase in installations from the stick banner and 111% increase in installations from the homepage banner. This trend has continued over time.

Genie Landing Page Overhaul

The Ask: After receiving feedback from Google a designer and I were tasked with overhauling the landing page.

The Strategy: Both the designer and I wanted to simplify the copy and design. For the messaging architecture, I felt the most important messages to convey are 1. Users can save instantly at checkout 2. Users don’t have to search for codes 3. gENIE WORKS AT 100s of stores.

The Deliverable:

Results: Coming soon!

Giftcard Zen Landing Page Overhaul

The Ask: RetailMeNot acquired Giftcard Zen in 2016 and decided it was time to move all inventory to RMN to merge the companies and provide RMN users more options to save.

The strategy: Tell Giftcard Zen users that the company’s gift cards are moving to RetailMeNot, that they can still purchase gift cards, plus take advantage of RMN’s promo codes and cash back offers. Also, tell uers that they can still access their past purchases at Giftcard Zen and urge them to sign up for a RetailMeNot account.

I was tasked with writing the messaging architecture and the copy for this project. The core message: Giftcard Zen is moving to RetailMeNot. Secondary message: Sign up for a RetailMeNot account to continue purchasing discount gift cards plus get promo codes and cash back offers.  Supporting Message: Users can still access their Giftcard Zen account.

The Deliverable:

Zen Sunset Landing Page

The results: N/A

API Deprecation Message

The Ask: Write a friendly mobile application message that will display to the user and inform them that in order to use the gift card functionality of the application, they will need to upgrade to the latest version.

The strategy: tell the user what the problem is and offer them a solution in a friendly and helpful tone.

The Deliverable:

In-Store Cash Back App Flow Redesign And Rewrite

The Ask: Rewrite the cash back app flow and messaging. 

The Strategy: Condense the messaging to be clear and concise. Typically, we overload the user with messaging that is confusing or over explain to the point of cognitive overload. I boiled it down to three steps: sign up and link your card, shop, and redeem. The designer and I also wanted to give users an opportunity to learn how in-store cash back works and an option to skip over the information altogether to immediately start saving.

The Deliverable:

The Results: N/A


The Ask: Create a rewards reminder email to nudge users to redeem cash back rewards from their RetailMeNot Wallet.

The Strategy: Create a visually appealing email with an attention-grabbing headline while keeping the body copy short and sweet with clear hyperlinks and a call to action.

The Deliverables:


The original headline for this email was
“Don’t Forget”
However, I received feedback was it was too negative. I still wanted to provide a version of the email that was basic and to the point, so I changed to headline to the following to “Forget Something in Your Wallet.”


I wanted to have a bit more fun on this version, but not be off brand.


This version really pushes voice and tone the most.

The Results: The second version of this email got unanimous approval by the Product Team. 

Genie Post-Install Page 

The Ask: Offer users education on how the Genie browser extension works. 

The Strategy:

The Deliverable:





Cash Back Hub Landing Page

The Ask: Rewrite the cash back language and incorporate it into the landing page.

The Strategy: Consolidate & condense the messaging across various mediums about cash back. 

The Deliverable: