Accruent offers software as a service to help organizations better manage their assets and physical resources.

Manufacturing Product Launch

The Ask: Create a landing page and two emails for the May 3, 2019 Manufacturing Launch.

The Strategy: Work alongside the Product Marketing Manager to create a marketing campaign that explains new product functionality with a clear buyer’s journey and value prop to existing and prospective customers. While simultaneously optimizing to provide the best user experience and implementing targeted SEO keywords.

The Deliverables: One landing page + 2 Emails + 1 press release.

Landing Page

Results: This particular Manufacturing Launch was the most successful product launch in Accruent history. It generated over $200,000 in pipeline, 556 unique page views, and 51 form fills (CTA clicks).

See The Landing Page Live

Prospect Email With Graphics

Subject Line: Accruent Unifies Disparate Departments with New Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

The Goal: Drive awareness of manufacturing launch and functionality upgrades to existing customers. Collaborate with the email specialist to conduct an A/B test to conclude if recipients prefer new Marketo template with or without graphics.

Prospect Email Without Graphics

Results: 12.5% open rate, 32% click to open rate. Overall, prospects responded better to the email without graphics than the email with graphics.

Prospect Email With Graphics

Subject Line: Equip Maintenance Teams with Fast Access to Asset Information

Prospect Email Test Without Graphics

Results: 10.2% open rate, 37.4 clicked to open rate.

Press Release

Results: 2041 organic views. Note: While I didn’t write the press release, I am responsible for editing it as needed to make sure it aligns with the landing page and for general grammar and spelling errors.

See The Live Press Release